Globe Making India Proud Conclave 2018

It’s all about embracing each other’s stories and finding that synergy to collaborate for the common good.

An initiative and integral part of the summit, GLOBE ‘MAKING INDIA PROUD’ CONCLAVE will endeavour to re-ignite the fire and essence of innovation and sustainability in business to help India scale new heights of economic success. Underlining the themes of responsible and sustainable business, the conclave will stand epochal in providing the impetus to the Indian business community to give a boost to the growing sectors of the economy.

Putting light on the key issues pertaining to the socio-economic growth of India, the conclave will aim at scaffolding the cornerstones of the Indian industry and laying groundwork for both national and international players in the making of India as a developed nation. The eminent rostrum will witness contrivance of business ideas to further strengthen the economy of India on the global map and connect Indian diaspora across Asia.