Globe Pride of India Awards 2018

GLOBE PRIDE OF INDIA AWARDS 2018 will spell out the soul of Indian business across the world by recognising and celebrating the best of the Indian minds across more than 20 industry categories and 40 sub-categories from the biz world. An international business awards ceremony will mark felicitation of 101 Indian brands and leaders from Asia who have led by example, bucked the trend and stood out as path-breakers, chiselling their niche in the business world while preserving and living the legacy of their entrepreneurial spirit.

Award Categories

Great business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and relentlessly drive it to completion.

  • Legendary Kings (Iconic)

Felicitates and honours brands and leaders carrying on the legacy of success since their establishment

  • New-Age Chiefs (Powerful)

Felicitates and honours powerful brands and leaders who have set benchmarks and contributed exponentially to the economy

  • Knights of Innovation (Emerging)

Felicitates and honours evolving brands and leaders who have carved out their niche in the market and made their presence felt