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A Convention that commemorates Indians and their success stories


After the successful culmination of GLOBE PLATINUM AWARDS 2016 (Hong Kong) and GLOBE LUXURIÉ DÉCODÉ 2017 (Dubai), it’s time to take the next big stride towards showcasing modern India and the Indian diaspora in all their glory to the world.

Raising a toast to the Indian business maestros who have been instrumental in shaping India as the fastest growing economy and who have proved catalysts in creating milestones in the business world overseas, GLOBE PRIDE OF INDIA AWARDS 2018 by Stimulus Research Services will share aspirations of modern India and its diaspora in the city of dreams, Mumbai.

An eminent platform for the Indian business community to come together, exchange ideas and crystallise their common vision of shaping the world

The prestigious forum will be a focal point for networking between India and its overseas community and will mark felicitation of 101 Indian citizens and overseas Indians (NRIs, PIOs and OCIs) for their valuable contribution in shaping India’s growth story globally. Celebrating the entrepreneurial success story of Asia and the Indian community existing within, the grand business summit will witness participation of Indian barons from Asian countries like China, UAE, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea.

Realising the enormous potential of India as a commercial hub for diversified businesses, the summit will celebrate Indians across Asia who have re-ignited innovation in business with their endeavours and have truly stood as the pride of India.


Saluting Indian business leaders from Asia who have stood out as path-breakers and chiselled their niche in the business world amidst iconic brands living up to their legacy.