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Deeply steeped in the ethos of scientific business research methodologies encompassing the domains of brands, people and success stories par excellence, Stimulus Research Services rides high on the international business firmament as one of the best-in-class worldwide business research services.

With a resounding presence spanning across the seven continents of the globe, the central focus of Stimulus is to highlight the sterling contributions of not only those sectors of business which are the major players – nay, ‘movers & shakers’ – inside their respective country’s economies but, also, those sectors of business which although being major contributors – nay, ‘stimulators’ of world businesses & economies – go largely unnoticed and unrepresented inside the high glitz & glamour of already well-entrenched and well-recognized brands, people and ceremonies.

We, as a frontline international research organization, have taken upon us the responsibility to establish a world recognized quality platform where all sectors and all levels of businesses – whether iconic or powerful or emerging – can come together in a spirit of camaraderie and achievement, and together move towards a new world of business possibilities through vibrant interactions and blue chip networking.

The Management team at Stimulus Research Services has a rich cumulative experience of more than seven decades in diverse fields like Publishing, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Education, Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, Media, Aviation and Telecom that forms the bedrock of our research capabilities. And, Team Stimulus is backed by a large suite of products, services and methods that can help you match the best research solution to your need. In addition, we have a panel of advisors comprised of experts in research, academia and industry. This enables us to quickly tap into a very exclusive and high level knowledge base.